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$2.2 Million Awarded for motion picture "Whiplash"

(September 2015)

Following an arbitration before the International Film and Television Alliance (IFTA) in connection with the distribution of the motion picture "Whiplash" in South Korea, Alan S. Gutman obtained an award in the amount of $2,215,783.18 against the local distributor, as well as a termination of the distribution agreement, and assignment and reversion of all rights in the motion picture as well as an award of attorney's fees. One of the great independent movies to come along in the past several years, the critically acclaimed and financially successful picture received 3 Academy Awards including a best supporting actor award for J.K. Simmons. The picture was also a huge hit in Korea with over $10 million in theatrical receipts on just 300 screens, however, the local distributor failed to comply with the terms of the distribution agreement and falsified its marketing expenditures, which led to the $2.2 million award and termination of its rights.


$3.4 Million Awarded for Fraud 

(September 2015)

​​​​Judgment was entered on September 3, 2015 in the amount of $3,448,994 in favor client Mantra Entertainment, LLC again​st the owner of the historic Hollywood Sound Recorders recording studio. Mantra had entered into a lease to operate a studio and live event venue at the location. Following a 4-day bench trial in the Los Angeles Superior Court, Judge Robert H. O’Brien concluded that the defendants had defrauded Mantra, rescinded the lease and awarded Mantra all of its requested damages. Mantra was represented at trial by Alan S. Gutman of Gutman Law in Beverly Hills, CA. 

Approx. $1 million Award for Cleopatra Records

(August 2015)

Following a 4 day court trial, the Hon. Mark V. Mooney of the Los Angeles Superior Court entered judgment in favor of Cleopatra Records in the amount of $965,851.47 against theatrical producer Floyd Mutrux ("Million Dollar Quartet")  ​​​​​​​and his company Northern Lights, Inc. ​in connection with Cleopatra's investment with Mutrux.


Jury Verdict for Guns N' Roses Production Company
​(July 2014)

​​After getting all claims against Axl Rose dismissed on summary adjudication, Alan S. Gutman secured a defense verdict in favor of Guns N' Roses production company, BVF Productions, in ​the case tried before a jury in Van Nuys, the Hon. Frank J. Johnson, Judge presiding. Plaintiff Philippe Perret had demanded more than $12 million in damages for video production services he provided in connection with the Chinese Democracy tour. The Plaintiff's case proceeded to trial on a single cause of action for breach of contract after all other causes of action had been dismissed (by way of demurrer and on summary adjudication). The jury rejected Perret's claims outright and also found in favor of BVF on a cross-complaint for breach of contract.


Judgment in Specific Performance and Fraud Case

(June 2014)

Gutman Law had all claims dismissed by party claiming she had a right to purchase real property. The cause of action for fraud was dismissed on an anti-SLAPP motion (based on the litigation privilege under Civil Code section 47) and the demurrer to the specific performance action was sustained without leave to amend (based on matters the court could judicially notice). This lawsuit was the latest attempt by the "purchaser" to acquire the property. Earlier litigation was settled, however, the purchaser then breached the terms of the settlement agreement and judgment was entered against her.  This latest lawsuit was an attempt to prevent an unlawful detainer action from proceeding. Plaintiff's efforts were unsuccessful. A judgment for possession was obtained in the unlawful detainer action and judgment was entered against the Plaintiff in the specific performance and fraud action.